Unique Culinary Experiences with Chefs X.O. in St Barth

Discover culinary excellence in the heart of St Barts with Chefs X.O. Our  boutique-restaurant in Gustavia invites you to savor authentic recipes, freshly prepared by our dedicated chef. For more festive moments or special events, our quality artisanal catering service is here to adorn your tables with gourmet creations. And if you’re seeking a touch of luxury and exclusivity, our chef services for villas and events provide a high-end service, right within your private space. Each of our offerings is designed to provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience, blending the richness of local flavors with the expertise of our chef.

Our Boutique-Restaurant

Home Crafted

Chefs X.O.: Catering and Private Chef - St Barts

Savor homemade recipes crafted by our chef, available for dine-in or takeout in St Barts.

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Quality Artisanal


Chefs X.O.: Catering and Private Chef - St Barts

Our chef brings an artisanal touch for convivial, light, or dining moments in St Barts.

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Chef Services for Villas and Events

Chefs X.O.: Villas . Chefs Services . Events

The fine gastronomy of St Barts invites itself to your villa with our private chef services.

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Our Boutique Restaurant in Gustavia

Come savor authenticity and culinary creativity at our boutique-restaurant Chefs XO in St Barts . Start your morning with our warm drinks and pastries. Lunch unfolds a palette of flavors with our salads, bowls, and various catered dishes. For the smaller appetites , our sandwiches, snacks, and homemade pastries are sure to delight. And if you’re not in the mood to cook tonight, our quick and convenient take-away service , presented in 80% eco-friendly packaging, is the ideal solution.

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Your Gourmet Journey in St Barth

Chefs XO is more than just a chef and catering service in St Barth. It’s the beginning of a gourmet journey where each dish tells a story, where each flavor awakens your senses. Our mission is to make each meal a memorable souvenir , skillfully blending local tradition and culinary innovation. Embark with us on a unique gastronomic adventure in St Barts , and let our creations speak to your palate.

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You can come and taste our specialties at the boutique located at La Pointe à Gustavia or contact us by phone or email for any caterer or private chef requests.

La Pointe - Gustavia - 97133 Saint-Barthélemy

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