Our cooking

Chefs X.O. : Christophe

The Chef

Chefs X.O. is the culmination of Chef Christophe’s career: Now experienced and recognized by clients from around the world, he was trained in the finest and most demanding establishments in France and abroad.


With a unique experience of over Two decades on the island of St Barth, he first showcased his qualities in the most notorious restaurants on the island, before he was able to provide the most illustrious clients with his talents of private chef and caterer.


Encouraged by his success and the praises of his clients, Christophe turned Chefs X.O. into a brand, so as culmination of his career but also as stepping stone for a new beginning, towards perfecting the art of flavors that pervade an exceptional moment.

The Cooking

Christophe’s cooking style brings together international gastronomy, local flavors and produce from all over the world with a touch of French elegance.

Chefs X.O. The Hand Made  

The Team

He is surrounded by a team of highly trained service professionals handpicked for their experience of French and international high class service, showing discretion, efficiency and control every step of the way.

The Spirit

Christophe and his team are driven by only one demand, which includes all the others: the X.O. Spirit: “We are here for YOU”.


This standard of quality and service means that you will always be unique: beyond our menu choices, made available to put you at ease or inspire you, Christophe will always strive to make your culinary experience your very own, only yours, your friends’, your family’s. In other words Christophe and his team will deliver to you your vision and your preferences.

Chefs X.O.: Spirit