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Private Chef

Ideal for a holiday with family or friends, Chefs X.O. will take care of everything: from breakfast to dinner, Chefs X.O. will ensure that you can fully enjoy your time of leisure.


It is an exclusive service which fully reflects your desires: your very own menu composed with the chef himself, in close collaboration for a unique result.


The suggestions of the chef allow for total flexibility. His creativity will be put at your service, following your taste and preference.


St Barth is a uniquely romantic venue: it is the perfect place to celebrate love with elegance and refinement, nestled in the natural beauty of the island. Chefs X.O. works in complete harmony with this beauty, and can turn your special day into a unique day.


Just the two of you…or with your family and friends, Chefs X.O. has the equipment and the abilities to make sure that your guests are pleased beyond satisfaction. Our priority remains the quality of your sensory experience.


All the important moments in life are worthy of a celebration.

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