Our cooking in St Barts

Chefs X.O. : Christophe

The Chef

Chefs X.O. embodies the passion and expertise of Christophe, a seasoned private chef trained in renowned gastronomic establishments in France and abroad. With a rewarding 20-year career on the enchanting island of Saint Barthélemy (Saint Barth), Christophe first showcased his talent in the island’s legendary restaurants, before dedicating his private chef and catering skills to the distinguished residents and visitors of Saint Barth. Encouraged by success and the shared joy with his clients, Christophe elevated Chefs X.O. as a distinct brand, illustrating his journey towards perfection in the art of French cuisine and the creation of exceptional gastronomic moments.

The Cooking

Christophe’s culinary signature is a delicate fusion between international gastronomy and local flavors of Saint Barthélemy, all enhanced by a traditional and elegant French touch. It’s the harmonious encounter between French tradition and St Barth’s exoticism, offering an unforgettable culinary experience.

Chefs X.O. in St Barts : The Hand Made  

The Team

Christophe has surrounded himself with a team of seasoned professionals, rigorously selected for their mastery of high-end French service. They embody discretion, efficiency, and excellence, fundamental values that distinguish our private chef service in St Barth.

The Spirit

Driven by an uncompromising standard, Christophe and his team cultivate the X.O. Spirit: “We are here for you.” This philosophy signifies that each client is unique. Beyond the proposed formulas, Christophe commits to personalizing your culinary experience in St Barth, creating memorable moments that reflect your preferences and those of your close ones and friends. In sum, Christophe and his team are dedicated to realizing your gastronomic vision, turning each meal into an exclusive and unforgettable celebration.

Chefs X.O.: Spirit