Gourmet Platters in St Barts

Culinary Discovery Through Our Platters

Our gourmet platters at Chefs X.O. are an invitation to culinary discovery. Each platter is carefully composed to offer a palette of flavors and an enticing visual presentation. Whether for an aperitif with friends or a family gathering, our platters add a gastronomic touch to your table in St Barts.

Chefs X.O.: Artisanal Catering

A Wide Choice for Every Palate


We offer a variety of platters to satisfy all taste buds. From the platter of refined cheeses to the platter of selected charcuteries, each composition reveals the excellence of French cuisine coupled with the freshness of local products.

Order Your Platter in St Barts


Ready to delight your senses with our gourmet platters? Contact us at +590 590 290763 or via email at contact@chefsxo.com to place your order and enrich your culinary experience in St Barts.