Your Gourmet Picnics in St Barts

An Open-Air Culinary Escape

A picnic is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of St Barts while savoring delicious treats. At Chefs X.O., we prepare picnic baskets that reflect the abundance and diversity of local flavors, for an unparalleled open-air culinary experience.

Chefs X.O.: Catering and Private Chef - St Barts

Custom Fresh Baskets

Our picnic baskets are carefully composed according to your preferences. Whether you are vegetarian, a fan of grilled meats, or sweet treats, we have something to delight every palate. Each basket is an invitation to discover the authentic cuisine of St Barts, prepared with love and expertise.

Reserve Your Picnic Basket in St Barts


Ready for a gourmet getaway in St Barts? Reserve your picnic basket now by contacting us at +590 590 290763 or via email at Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and culinary pleasure outdoors with Chefs X.O.