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A Gourmet Break at Any Time

At Chefs X.O., we believe that every moment is right for a gourmet break. Our selection of snacks in St Barts is designed to offer you a burst of flavors, whether you are on the go or wish to relax in our cozy boutique-restaurant. From savory to sweet, we have something to satisfy every craving.

Chefs X.O.: Catering and Private Chef - St Barts

Fresh and Local Ingredients


Our commitment to quality is reflected in the choice of ingredients we use. We prioritize local and fresh products to guarantee you healthy and delicious snacks. Each bite is a tribute to the culinary richness of St Barth, blending tradition and modernity.

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Would you like to discover our range of snacks? Contact us at +590 590 290763 or by email at, or come directly to our boutique-restaurant in St Barth. Our team is ready to introduce you to our gourmet creations that will delight your taste buds.